About Ohio Girl Goes Global

Disclaimer: This blog reflects my personal thoughts, opinions, feelings, and observations.  Anything written on this blog is not an official statement of the ELCA, Cambodians, Americans, or anyone else!

About Me

Hi everyone!  I’m Amanda and I just graduated from the University of Dayton in May with a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Economics and Finance.  I spent many months trying to discern what I wanted to do after graduation but ultimately, I was accepted and called to the Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).  I think beng a part of YAGM will be a great way to start my post-grad life and I believe that this upcoming year will be a wonderful time to grow in faith and gain valuable work experience, as I hope to work in the nonprofit sector in the future.  During my year in Cambodia, I will be working with Life with Dignity (LWD) in Phnom Kravanh and teaching English at a local school.  I am excited to see how I will serve and be served in this upcoming year.  Please keep me (and all of the other YAGM) in your thoughts and prayers!

I started this blog in January 2015 to document my semester abroad studying at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco.  It was an incredible 4 months of new sights, smells, and experiences.  You can read more about my experiences here.

About Young Adults in Global Mission

The ELCA’s Young Adults in Global Mission program provides young adults, ages 21-29, the opportunity to grow in their faith and work hand-in-hand with our global companions. Young adults in the program serve in churches, schools and social service ministries. Currently the program is engaged in work in Argentina/Uruguay, Australia, Cambodia, Central Europe (Hungary), Jerusalem/West Bank, Madagascar, Mexico, Rwanda, Senegal, Southern Africa and the United Kingdom.  You can explore blogs from other YAGM serving all over the world by clicking on the left side bar.


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